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COVID-19 Update - We have a new plan in

place that no one else offers locally.

Completely safe and efficient.

Call for details!

October 16-17, 2020 New Hartford, NY Living Estate Sale


HELP!!! What do I do? Where do I begin?

Ok here are some first steps prior to setting up an appointment:

Don’t throw anything out!!! Anything, well except food items, personal care items, etc…

Having done this over the years I cannot tell you how much money people have lost

throwing things out because they deem them to be “junk.” Please let us decide that for

you. A jar of rusty nails will sell…

Figure out what you wish to keep and what items will be distributed to family members.

Perhaps store them in a separate room that can be locked.

Make the phone call, send an email or text us to make an appointment. We will travel

anywhere in a hundred mile radius. 315-941-1795 or [email protected]

Please decide whether you want a “showing” or a “sale.” Some people say this is too

blunt of a point that I make but again, I want you to know this upfront. Like all the

other companies and people doing this – I can mark your items with an astronomical

price. That is what I refer to as a showing. People will come in say, oh what nice items

and leave. When the sale is over your better items will be “cherry-picked” and you will

be left with a mess of unsold stuff to still clean up. Or we can have a sale – which we

are pretty good at selling between 80-95% of everything offered. My method will price

items in the dealer price buy range; simply, they pick it up, see the price and buy it. No

multi-day haggling and no left-overs. People who say they will be back, never do. Of

course each sale is different, each estate has different items, different buyers, different

demographics, etc… We factor all this in to come up with the best sales strategy for

you. *** Now due to Covid-19 we can go entirely on-line with your sale! ***

So what happens when I schedule an appointment, what will this cost me?

Nothing, a consultation is free.

A walk-through of what needs to be sold is a must. I need to know exactly what you

have and what you want to sell.

I can give you a rough estimate of what I think a sale can generate and what your best

options are.

The cost of doing a sale is a 30% Commission. The remaining 70% goes to you. Here

is what comes out of the 30%. I will pay for all print and on-line advertising in advance.

It pays for supplies needed to set up a sale. It pays for gas and traveling. It pays for

credit card fees stemming from sales. And it also pays for my helpers. (Just as an

example two small print ads alone cost over $100) Since I am paying for all this up-

front, the entire burden is on us to make the sale successful. All you need to do is sit

back and let us do our thing. Obviously the more we make for you the happier we will


It can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to prepare and host a sale, mostly because of the

advertising cycles and complexity of the estate. Most sales are Friday from 8am-6pm

and Saturday 8am-3pm.

Most importantly, I pay. Most clients are paid within 48 hours from the end of sale

usually with a certified check. No games no BS. You get paid ASAP.

With all the fish in the sea why should we pick you?

I know this sounds corny, but seriously I am here to help you. Sadly I knew it from

both sides. I have lost my parents and many loved ones over the years and had the

awesome responsibility of settling this portion of that person’s life.

I don’t want to say something as brash as I don’t care who you ultimately contract, but

whomever you decide to go with – ASK QUESTIONS! Get specific clarifications on fees,

add-ons, and just silly things like food charges. Don’t dismiss us because our fee is

30% straight up and only, versus someone else at 10% with fees that will bring you

over 50-60% when all is said and done. Some companies charge minimums like $750

to host a sale plus a percentage. Just please, please, make sure you ask about all of

this upfront. I have had clients over the years choose different companies, then call me

up and complain they were taken advantage of and in one case the person owed the

estate sale company money. We don't play those games.

The world is an unsavory place filled with people who are more than happy to help

separate you from your money. When my dad passed away in 2003 I was determined

to not do this ever again and in the process I contacted an auctioneer friend whom we

had spent a lot of money with over the years. He said he would take care of us and boy

did he! Two tractor trailer loads of stuff went to auction with a hammer price of we

assume close to $18k, but he never paid us. Even legally we were never able to resolve

the issue before the auctioneers death and we never got paid. We found out scores of

other people never saw there reimbursements either. That’s when I got back in to this,

so when I say I’m here to help you, I really am. No one should have to go through that

anguish on top of the loss of a loved one.

If you do plan a sale, I highly recommend you not be there. Of course it is your house,

and your possessions. I am not trying to hide anything from you. In the nutshell,

buyers do not care about the stories or sentimental value of items in the sale. At this

point to them it is strictly business. They know what they want to pay and they know

what they are going to sell it for. Literally, it is that simple. It can get harsh and heated

between buyers and sellers. You as a spectator will probably become incredibly

angered at watching this happen over your cherished family heirlooms. Speaking from

experience, it’s best leaving this up to an intermediary like us to take care of that for

you leaving the emotions out.

No one knows everything, to me there is no such thing as an expert under that

definition. I know what I know and what I don’t I will research. I can handle a common

coin to a rare book or map and everything in between…

HOT ITEMS – Gold, Silver, Coins, Stamps, Military Items, Postcards, Pre-1960s sports

items, automobile and motorcycle items, tools, Rare Books / Maps and stuff from the

1970-1980 periods.

I hope you like the re-designed website. Since others had copied my original site word

for word, I am reminded of what dad used to say – “often imitated but never


Closing -

An estate sale is more than just a sale, it is a social event. It is entertainment in an

essence. We will set the correct ambiance, set the correct decorations, send out the

right invitations, set the mood and for those who come we will help them feel a part of

the experience. All will be welcome and treated fairly. For without the clientele there is

no sale…