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Now Booking Sales for 2020

Thank you for checking out our Estate Sale page. We hope to see you at upcoming

sales. Please bookmark our Upcoming Sales page to see what we have coming up.

Sales are conducted from 8am to 6pm on Fridays. Depending on the size of the estate

or the quality of merchandise, numbers may be distributed. In which case the first 15

people will be allowed in at 8pm and the remainders at 8:15am. To help accommodate

those that work we try to stay open later and begin closing at 6pm.

Sales on Saturday will commence at 8am and end at 3pm.

We ask that any large items or furniture MUST BE REMOVED by Noon on Saturday.

Following the sale I return the keys to the family, many cases immediately into the

hands of a real estate agent and I cannot get back into the house. If you do not pick

an item up - it along with your payment will not be refunded. Please adhere to this and

plan accordingly. If you pay for an item and plan to return for it, you will have to sign a

waiver accepting this condition.

All sales are final. No returns will be accepted, this is not an approval service, you pay

for it, you bought it. All items are sold “as is - where is” with no guarantee to its

condition or working order. We will do our best to point out any faults that we may


New York State Sales Tax is included in the purchase price of every item you buy to

avoid messy and time consuming check-outs.

We accept cash, cash and cash. We can make arrangements for Checks or Credit Cards.

We do our best to price items competitively and within the range of dealer liking. Most

of our items get picked up and never put down the prices are fair. This is not a Turkish

Bazaar, I am not going to stand there and haggle with someone over the price of every

item. The “Golden Rule” of P&P Collectibles – you bust my chops you will get it right

back… I speak three languages – English, Cash and Visa…

I will not blink an eye in calling the police and pressing charges if I witness theft, I

have zero and I mean ZERO tolerance for that crap!

Our sales are very light hearted and relaxed in manner, spend as long as you want, we

appreciate you taking the time to come out and see us.