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Who We Are...

Pete Leonard 1939 - 2003

This madness all started in the summer of 1991 when father and son, Pete and Peter

M. dove into the crazy world of antiques and collectibles. The Summer of 1991 was a

hot one and we slugged it out every Sunday at the local flea markets evolving into a

fixture in the local collectibles scene. In 1998 when eBay was up and coming, Peter M.

branched off into on-line sales. The father and son team also began to do estate sales.

When Pete died in 2003, Peter M. was determined to hang up that hat forever but an

unsavory experience with a friend and auctioneer brought him full circle back into this


Peter, an entertainer at heart, has done stand-up comedy, has lectured extensively at

museums, historical societies, colleges and universities, has had several media

appearance in print, film and radio. Peter has also authored over 10 books. A very

talented individual. Recently he has completed work to become a Metaphysical Minister

and part of the International Metaphysics Ministry.

In November 2019 for his dedication to local history, Peter was was awarded the 50th

Rome Historical Societies coveted Order of 1777 Award.

This website is a testimoney to that talent. 

Peter as seen on an episode of SyFy's Haunted Collector with John Zaffis. Appearing as the local history expert on Season 2, Episode 2 - The Haunted Inn.